Pierrette Linder
Tél : +41 (0)21 961 14 13
Avenue de Belmont 54
CH-1820 Montreux
E-mail : linder.pierrette@montreuxprofil.com

Discover a new insight for the human resources and well-being!
More than 20 years experience

Harmonize your vital energy

Know one self-better

Identify emotions

A lot more at the right time to feel better with one self

I am a certified consultant in psycho-morphology assisting you in the human resources. I facilitate workshops like “Your character shows” and “A lot more to feel good with one self” regularly in Montreux (Switzerland) and in the workplace. I also give you character reading analysis and numerological theme. I write articles including psycho-morphology. My book “Your character shows” should be published soon.

In my healing practice, as a Master Reiki I use several techniques such as Reiki Usui, Christian, Karuna and Bach flowers extract spirit remedies. I am a certified ASCA therapist. Helping you achieve your emotional well-being is my goal.

To add pleasure to your well-being I invite you to discover my shop nature and creation site.

I thank you for your visit and hope to see you soon!