“The body is a reflection of our internal being”

Psycho-morphology is an ancestral scientifically validated technique, a means to self-knowledge and observation. Our external physical expressions connect us to our character.
Through a systematic approach the Morpho-Profil© method, based on discovering body, head and facial features, enables us to assess obvious characteristics and potential of each and everyone.

How does The Morpho-Profil© method work for you?

It helps you:

   discover one self
   find your personal strength and inner power, where and in what field you are at ease in choosing a career or job
  evaluate and discover the potential of a candidate
   adapt to your clients needs and coordinate development strategies
   build an efficient working team
   develop a better understanding of human interaction

MorphoProfil© analysis (audiocassette) CHF 200, --

Subjects of interest as following:

   Character analysis – Human resources
   Business course
   Small group course maximum four students
   Private course

► Consultations CHF 150, --/session

■ Adults
■ Teenagers

For appointments or information, mail direct: pl@montreuxprofil.com

Please mention: name, first name, phone number, address or business address, postal code, and city.

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